Welcome to Buff Up Your Brain! Exclusive one-on-one life and weight loss coaching for women.

Understand why it’s not your fault you have struggled to lose weight permanently.
For the FIRST TIME in FORTY YEARS, I am no longer trying to lose weight. You can get there too – please don’t wait forty years!

You have the most incredible weight loss tool…
Let’s learn how to use it to your advantage shall we?
Let the Buff-Up begin!

Buff Up Your Brain!, can help you take control of your eating and weight loss struggle so that you can focus on MORE important life adventures.  Buff Up Your Brain! is different than anything you have tried in the past to lose weight.  It addresses the root of the problem – the misunderstanding of how the body responds to the foods we eat.

Buff Up Your Brain!  is not a diet.  It’s a lifestyle.  A lifestyle where you lose weight and a lifestyle designed to create a vibrant and meaningful life.  A lifestyle that only gets better.  Who doesn’t want that? 

Whether you have 100 pounds to lose, or under 20, Buff Up Your Brain! can work for you!

Coaching with Dr. Karen was such a pleasure.  Following her Conquer The Carbs program the first 25 lbs came off easily and I feel I am on my way to much more than just a physical transformation as I slowly shed my excesses of weight.  I loved her challenges to me, things that kept me thinking for days after.  Coaching with Dr. Karen helped bring a focus to my life.  I look forward to continuing on with Karen and notching it up a little.

WO, lost 31 pounds

I just LOVED the program because it helps with so much more than weight loss. Dr Karen helped me resolve life issues by helping my change the way I think. Highly recommended – you should give it a try!

LR, lost 26 pounds