About Dr Karen

Permanent weight loss is possible. HONEST.

I ABSOLUTELY understand the struggle. 
I have “been there, done that…” 

For decades I struggled to shed the extra weight I packed on during medical school, residency and private practise.  A classic yo-yo dieter, I would lose 30 – 50 pounds only to gain 40 – 60 pounds when I went off program.   I dieted my way up to and well over 200 pounds.  

Pre-diabetic, obese and chronically tired, I had to make some changes. 

With weight loss coaching, I learned how my thoughts were sabotaging my weight loss success.  And I learned how the doctor recommended Eat Less/Move More weight loss gospel fails – ALWAYS.   Ask any chronic dieter!

I changed the way I think and the way I eat.  BOOM!  Recipe for success! Thereafter, weight loss was easy and permanent.  Honestly.  I easily plummeted through a previous weight loss plateau that 5 years (yes FIVE!) of personal training could not break.  I weight less now than I have in 35 years!!  

Weight loss coaching will TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE.  Seriously, NO exaggeration.  Weight loss coaching is different than anything you have tried in the past to lose weight.   You have the most incredible weight loss tool – YOUR BRAIN.  Let’s learn how to use it to your advantage shall we?

Book a free discovery coaching call.  Start your final weight loss journey and transform your life. Don’t miss this opportunity to make real, lasting change.

I urge you to book this FREE coaching call.  Don’t be shy. We’ll chat about the biggest obstacle that seems to be tripping up your weight loss success and some ideas on how to overcome it. Coaching – you will love it!