Exclusive one-on-one life and weight loss coaching for women who want to defy dementia forever!

Defy Dementia, Optimal Brain Health Exclusive one-on-one life coaching to help you live an active, long and vibrant life and remember it! Defy dementia - it is possible! To believe otherwise is pointless.

One of the most important factors in dementia prevention is our diet.

You have the MOST incredible tool... YOUR BRAIN! Let's learn to use it to your advantage shall we?

Life coaching is different.  It helps you change perspective.  If you want to learn how to optimize your brain health and delay or preferably avoid dementia the sooner you take action the better.  There is ample evidence that changes in the brain are present decades before the initial symptoms of dementia start to show.  And PREVENTION is absolutely the best medicine.  And there is ample evidence that some simple lifestyle changes started early help diminish the likelihood that you will develop dementia.

Let's add some years to your life and some life to your years, and remember ALL of it!