The N = 1 Project

Delving deep into self-care by definition is a uniquely personal thing.  What works for one person may or may not work for you.  Statistics are based on populations, not individuals.  Research is often funded by companies that have a vested interested in what they are going to recommend – their product.  Research is often conducted… Continue reading The N = 1 Project

Strive to Thrive, Proactive Health

Up until very recently – like you, I expect – I believed prevention was the best medicine.  It is likely a safe assumption that few of us actively seek injury or disease.   But I recently read a functional medicine blog that compared preventive medicine to avoiding divorce in a marriage.  Both come from a place… Continue reading Strive to Thrive, Proactive Health

Decisions, decisions and more decisions!

Have you ever played ping pong with your decisions?  Ponder, ponder, ponder… decide… no maybe…. Ponder, ponder, ponder…. Decide… Okay but… no…. ponder, ponder, ponder…  All right now we’re are getting somewhere…. Ponder, ponder, ponder… Or even worse, after an unreasonably long ping pong match, have you reached a decision and your ‘gut instincts’ just… Continue reading Decisions, decisions and more decisions!

Aging – Inevitables and most-likelies

Aging.  We all age.  If we are not aging, we are no longer living.  Sure, aging has some ‘inevitables’ – wrinkles and age spots, thinner skin, greying hair, visual changes, and hearing difficulties.  Aging also has some ‘most-likelies’ – decreased muscle mass (about 10% per decade in our senior years), decreased range of motion in… Continue reading Aging – Inevitables and most-likelies

Novelty trumps safe and secure!

Why is it, there is a such a huge gap between what we say we want to do and what we actually do? I am trying to effect change in my life.    In some areas I am progressing (writing – LOVE it!)  In other areas – not so much (decluttering.)  Some activities are hit and… Continue reading Novelty trumps safe and secure!

Thought Bridges and the Struggle Bus.

Exercise.  Bodily exertion for the sake of developing and maintaining fitness.  We should all do it. I am trying to correct a deeply ingrained, inadvertently self-induced thought error about exercise.  A thought error – in the life coaching sense – is a belief that creates an unwanted desire and causes unwanted actions.  Or in my… Continue reading Thought Bridges and the Struggle Bus.

Nebulous fuzziness!

Weight loss is a terrible goal.  Since this is a website/blog dedicated to helping women lose excess weight, you might be just a titch confused by that statement.  I have commented on this previously, in the tyranny of the bathroom scale and most recently in commitments and self-care.  “Hanging your self-worth on failing to achieve… Continue reading Nebulous fuzziness!

Be A Magnificent Peach

“Break the habit of being yourself….”  That is a Joe Dispenza-ism… He wrote a book by a similar title - Breaking the habit of being yourself.   I will add it to my growing list of ‘To Read’ books.  Since my stack is already about half a meter, and falling over – I must refrain for… Continue reading Be A Magnificent Peach