VLOG – Hunger versus cravings

The final in a 4 part series on why its not your fault you struggle to lose weight.  Understanding the difference between true hunger and cravings is foundational to weight loss.  


Mental Clarity – What has that got to do with weight loss?  Great question.  Mental clarity is one of the many GIFTS of weight loss.  A brain fog that you are not even aware of lifts.  Weight loss is great, no doubt – I chased it for decades.  But mental clarity? dementia prevention? – PRICELESS!

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VLOG – My weight loss journey


My weight loss journey.  Dr Karen shares her weight loss journey so that you can understand why she understands your weight loss struggle.  She has ‘been there, done that.’  Permanent weight loss is possible.  Do not let anyone tell you otherwise!

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VLOG – Thoughts are optional

VLOG – Thoughts are optional.  What a fantastic concept – thoughts are optional.  If you can truly believe your thoughts are optional,  your life is about to become immeasurably better.

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