About Dr Karen

I am Dr Karen, The Longevity Life Coach. 
If you want to add some years to your life and some life to your years, I can help.

Feel younger.

For decades to come.

It is possible.

Life coaching.


What are you waiting for?

My Story

I am Dr Karen, retired pediatrician, turned longevity life coach. 

Both early onset dementia and longevity run in my family.  Which means, there is a 7 in 10 chance I will live long and mindless.

I am all for longevity – I am more than happy to live long.  It’s the mindless part I take issue with. 

Dementia is not something I am willing accept without a fight.  Nor should you. As a longevity life coach I can help you feel younger longer.  Aging is not something to fear and dementia certainly is not inevitable. 

But if you want to be active and alert in your 80s and 90s, you have to start to work at it NOW in your 50s and 60s.  

Dare to be Sassy at Sixty so that you can be Savvy at Seventy, Exceptional at Eighty and Nimble at Ninety.

The latter decades of life truly can be filled with joy, meaning and purpose.

The internet is exploding with all the information you need to live a vibrant life, but still, it’s not enough. 

Our thoughts drift to a future plagued with loneliness, frailty and forgetfulness.

Did you know, the mere expectation of physical and mental decline as you age can become a self-fulfilling prophecy?

So if you think you will end up forgetful, frail and alone, you just might!

Let’s avoid that scenario shall we? 

Decide right now, that you are going to proactively design your future and spend the next 30 or so years active and alert, living a vibrant and meaningful life.

That is what Sassy at Sixty is all about!

You coming?