Dementia has multiple risk factors.  MULTIPLE in each individual.  Which is why medical interventions targeted at only one risk factor consistently fail.

But… here is the best news ever…

Almost all of the risk factors are potentially preventable.  (The exception being a family history.)

The single most powerful dementia prevention strategy is COMPLETELY within your control!

Weight Loss.

It also happens to be one of the most challenging.   Weight loss might be hard, but in my rather sassy opinion, weight loss is EASIER than accepting I will be a burden to my family in a few short decades.

One of the most important symptoms of an unhealthy brain is difficulty with memory – BRAIN FOG.  Moments of memory lapse, wondering why you entered a room, misplaced keys again, lost words, and slowed thinking seem altogether too frequent.

One very unexpected, yet welcome result I noticed when I finally lost weight was profoundly improved mental clarity.  VROOM, VROOM.  My thinking was clear and quick, no longer sluggish and cloudy.  A brain fog I was not even aware of lifted.

Once you start to notice a brain fog, there is a 7 in 10 chance you will slip further down the slippery slope toward dementia.  Let’s avoid that scenario!

NOW is the time to get serious about weight loss and mental clarity BEFORE the slippery slope drops off suddenly!

Weight Loss for Mental Clarity is specifically designed to help women understand why they have struggled to lose weight and keep it off. 
It addresses the root causes of weight gain
– emotional over eating and messed up appetite regulation hormones.

Weight Loss for Mental Clarity includes:

Exclusive one on one coaching with Dr Karen; and

Weekly lessons to teach you how to lose weight so that you can keep it off permanently including:

  • a sustainable way of eating, based on your own preferences;
  • a self-correcting, self-monitoring practise to ensure lasting success;
  • strategies to manage your emotions and decrease stress; and
  • strategies to change the way you think.

Trust me, when it comes to weight loss, I have ‘been there, done that’ so I can totally relate to your frustrations and disbelief.  The struggle is real.  It’s daunting and it seems impossible.  

For decades, I struggled to shed the excess weight I gained during medical school, residency and while in private practise.  A classic yo-yo dieter, losing 30 – 50 pounds only to regain 40 – 60 pounds when I went off program, I dieted my up to and well over 200 pounds.

Truthfully I cannot recall ever feeling content with my body, heavy or slim.  I was always either cheating or ‘behaving,’ shaming myself, avoiding family gatherings and pretending it didn’t matter.  Well it DOES!  

Your weight matters more than you can imagine!

What if it is true that your weight is a reflection of your brain health?  And what if the only indication you have is your waist circumference?  You are unaware of the brain fog, because just like weight gain, it is insidiously sneaky and you believe brain fog is a normal part of aging.  No, it is NOT!

Brain fog at any age is not normal and is UNACCEPTABLE.

Weight loss for Mental Clarity is not a diet, it is a lifestyle.   There is no point to losing weight with extreme dietary restrictions that you cannot maintain for the rest of your life.  The weight will return with a vengeance when you return to your previous eating patterns.  Another scenario to avoid!

Weight loss coaching is a game changer!  Together we will figure out a way of eating that fits your lifestyle, gets you off the slippery slope onto a path toward a vibrant and meaningful, independent life and future.

  • It doesn’t matter if you have ‘tried everything’ you can think of to lose weight and failed;
  • It doesn’t matter if you are nervous about trying a different approach;
  • It doesn’t matter if you have lost weight before, only to regain it plus more.

What truly matters is that you have not given up on yourself.

Imagine how different your life (and future) could be if you showed up
every day as your best possible self, without the brain fog.  Your very best self.

If you are ready to become that best version of yourself,
Weight Loss for Mental Clarity is for you.

Weight loss for mental clarity includes:
Weekly lessons to help you understand why it is not your fault you have struggled to lose weight and what you can do about so that weight loss is permanent!  Including:

  • Understanding why it is not your fault you have struggled to lose weight;
  • How to develop an eating plan, tailored to your preferences so that you design a plan you can sustain;
  • The differences between true hunger and cravings;
  • Appetite regulation hormones;
  • How to manage emotional over eating;
  • How to make and keep commitments to yourself;
  • How to troubleshoot your program;
  • How to introduce time restricted eating (intermittent fasting);

Weekly coaching with Dr Karen

Life and weight loss coaching with Dr Karen can help you:

  • Figure out how weight loss related challenges as well as other life issues that can impact your weight loss journey including stress, sleep challenges, relationships issues, and other concerns that come up during the journey;
  • Adjust your eating plan so that you avoid detours along your weight loss journey;
  • Answer questions that arise during the program;
  • Develop a solutions oriented mindset;
  • Dream bigger, feel younger longer!