Feel Younger Longer is specifically designed to help you change your perspective about aging and dementia.  There is mounting evidence that the brain changes associated with dementia start to develop decades BEFORE symptoms are noticed.  Which means, you can take steps RIGHT NOW to get yourself off the path to dementia.  

The googles are full of tips and strategies to help you make the necessary lifestyles changes, including changes to your diet, sleep patterns, life stressors and exercise.  But Sassy at Sixty is different.  Sassy at Sixty helps you change your perspective.

Perspective is how we see and understand the events of our life and what we decide those events will mean.    

We DECIDE.  We get to choose what we think about an event and what we make it mean.  And choice, is a beautiful thing.

Feel Younger Longer will teach you:

  • an easy to follow 5 step process to explore your thoughts and perspectives;
  • to increase awareness of your thoughts, both conscious and subconscious;
  • to increase awareness of your emotions, so that you can stop worrying about an uncertain future;
  • a strategy that helps you replace self-doubt with self-confidence;
  • a strategy that helps you diminish fear and angst; and
  • a crucial skill that will help you create a life you love and a future to look forward to.

Our perspective can be a source of personal strength or of weakness. Fortunately, an unhelpful perspective can be changed.  And like all transformational endeavours, it is well worth the effort.

Feel Younger Longer teaches you a crucial skill:
How to master your self-talk.  
Master this skill, and there ain’t nothin’ gonna stop ya. 

Life is too short to let the uncertainty of the future steal the present moment or your future dreams.  If you have not already requested my FREE guide – “How to master your self-talk” click the button below.