What if it is possible to feel younger now AND as you age? 

Would you be willing to try?

Welcome, to Sassy At Sixty, Life Coaching for Women

I am Dr Karen and I can show you some simple, yet effective, ways to train your brain so that you can start to feel younger, now.  There are plenty of additional strategies but the strategies in How to Feel Younger are a great start.

Your brilliant brain is capable of making you feel (and act) younger, but we will need to train it. And best of all, all of the brain training strategies outlined in How To Feel Younger are based in neuroscience!

Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt and there are no medications, supplements or special equipment required. 
Just a pen, and your brain.

Are you worried that as you age, you will end up lonely, frail and forgetful?

Sadly this is a reality that we can actually create for ourselves accidentally!  

However with some brain training, you can create a life you love and a better future for yourself.

I would love to work with you and help you unlock the power of your mind so that you can create an amazing future AND feel younger than you have in years. Click below to book a free discovery call. Let's chat!