Retired pediatrician turned Life Coach and Neuro-Enthusiast, I am obsessed with the science of longevity and optimal brain health. 

Longevity and early onset dementia run in my family so, I have a 7 in 10 chance I will live long and mindless.

So trust me, I understand your fear.  For years, I was terrified – “dementia is inevitable.”  No more!

I want to live long AND mindful, enthusiastic about the future I will create.

If that is you, you are in the right place!

Sassy, by definition, means impertinent and saucy, not character traits I would choose.  But it also means bold, brazen and audacious.

A neuro-enthusiast is anyone who is interested in obtaining optimal brain health and is curious about all things neuroscience.

Lifestyle is a choice, and choice is a beautiful thing!

Choose to be bold and brazen with an audacious attitude – not a chance dementia. 


When it comes to dementia prevention, attitude is everything. 
Choose to be bold and brazen with an audacious attitude. 

You have the MOST INCREDIBLE dementia prevention tool –
Let’s learn to use it to your advantage shall we?