For years, decades actually, I was driven by an ambition that was never satisfied. 

  • National Research Scholarship, Tick;
  • PhD, Tick;
  • Medical degree, Tick; 
  • Pediatrics training, Tick.

Achievement after achievement, I would ‘get there.’  And ‘get there’ I did, but not before my health and well being tanked. I was over weight, stressed and hypertensive, pre-diabetic and chronically exhausted. Apparently the study and practice of medicine was not good for my health! 

Perhaps you know what I am talking about. 

Perhaps, after years of climbing the corporate ladder, you feel ‘Meh’ is this it?  Surely there is more to life?

Or perhaps, a welcome challenge has turned into an obligatory grind;

Or maybe, it’s simply time to shuffle your priorities, moving yourself a little closer to the top;

Perhaps, like me, you feel trapped.  Years of training and the sunk costs are high. 


After 17 years of training, (4 years undergrad, 4 years PhD, 4 years medical school, 5 years pediatrics training), and 13 years of private pediatric practice, feeling utterly spent, against the advise of just about everyone I knew – I retired… without a plan.  

Colleagues were stunned (envious or aghast, I’m not sure which), friends and family were worried and both my accountant and financial planner were cautiously skeptical.


For months I was restless, quite directionless – doing ‘nothing’ was not something I was familiar with.  

Then boredom settled in…
“Well, now what?”  Medicine is all I know. 
“Should I go back?” 
Instant nausea.  Okay, I will take that as a ‘no.’ 
Then the what- if-regrets started to surface. 
Then my inner critic chimed in – quitter, you’re such a failure. 
Thirty years wasted… Shameful.  How dare you?


If all you had to do to trigger a massive change in the course of your life was change your perspective, would you have the courage to do it?

Sigh… I hired a life coach.  And with a lot of guidance and self-reflection, I was able to change my perspective and change my life.  I lost weight, reversed my pre-diabetes and hypertension and most importantly, I started to create a life I love and a future I am excited about… NO GRIND whatsoever!

And so can you.  It is possible.