Do you have a family member with dementia?
Are you secretly terrified you are going to get it too?
You are NOT alone.
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WELCOME to Life Coaching with Dr Karen.
I am Dr Karen, retired pediatrician turned Life Coach and Neuro-enthusiast.  I help women overcome their fear of dementia, and reclaim their enthusiasm for their future.

Are you haunted by an unrelenting fear of developing dementia?

For anyone with a loved with dementia, it is a heart wrenching fear.  “Dementia, is this my future too?”

Do you…

  • Frequently misplace your keys or reading glasses?
  • Often wonder why you came into a room?
  • Struggle to find words?
  • Have a family member with dementia?
  • Reassure yourself memory lapse is a normal part of aging?

Memory lapse may be common, but it is not normal!  And there absolutely is
something do about it!

NEVER believe dementia is inevitable.  NEVER.

Do NOT spend another precious moment of you life  thinking that nonsense.

Truthfully, I have no idea if I will develop dementia or not.  None what-so-ever.  Nor do you.  Given recent advances in neuroscience, we now know that what we think about is what comes about.  So if you believe you will end up demented and alone living with dead plants, that is what you will get!  CHOOSE otherwise.

I choose to believe I am a sassy, leather jacket wearing kick-ass neuro-enthusiast.  And LOVING IT!

What adventure will you choose?