Nebulous fuzziness!

Weight loss is a terrible goal.  Since this is a website/blog dedicated to helping women lose excess weight, you might be just a titch confused by that statement.  I have commented on this previously, in the tyranny of the bathroom scale and most recently in commitments and self-care.  “Hanging your self-worth on failing to achieve… Continue reading Nebulous fuzziness!

Be A Magnificent Peach

“Break the habit of being yourself….”  That is a Joe Dispenza-ism… He wrote a book by a similar title - Breaking the habit of being yourself.   I will add it to my growing list of ‘To Read’ books.  Since my stack is already about half a meter, and falling over – I must refrain for… Continue reading Be A Magnificent Peach

Brown M&M’s

Have you ever found yourself at the office on Saturday morning instead of the grocery store?  Autopilot.  Autopilot is when the conscious brain has delegated predictable, recurring routine activity to the subconscious….  Like, driving to the office, every morning.  Master orchestrator of your life, the conscious brain has better things to think about than the… Continue reading Brown M&M’s


Several years ago, early on my de-stress quest, I read the book Essentialism, the disciplined pursuit of less by Greg McKeown. Two quotes stuck with me. What if “we stopped doing things we detest, to buy things we don’t need, with money we don’t have, to impress people we don’t like?”  And, “You cannot overestimate… Continue reading Essentialism.

Intermittent Fasting – Surprise Benefit.

I am exploring intermittent fasting as a lifestyle.  It’s been an interesting experiment. It started after Christmas 2018, a holiday season over-eat-fest full of self-reprimand and self-induced frustration.  I was ‘pretty consistent’ (admittedly not perfect) with my newly adopted way of eating (no sugar/no flour/manage your insulin) and frustrated with a several month weight plateau. … Continue reading Intermittent Fasting – Surprise Benefit.