Buff Up Your Brain: Weight loss for mental clarity

Buff Up Your Brain: Weight Loss For Mental Clarity

Welcome.  Buff Up Your Brain seeks to help women optimize their brain health and increase mental clarity through diet/weight loss, exercise and managing their minds by mastering the way they speak to themselves.

At Buff Up Your Brain, I believe, utterly and completely, that age related cognitive decline is a myth.

Age related cognitive decline.  Where did this originate?  More importantly when did this originate?  When did we as a society accept that age related cognitive decline is a normal, inevitable fact of aging?  Such a not-helpful stance and questionable belief.

There are lots of seniors ‘out there’ that disprove this blatant myth.   ‘Elderly’ actors still making movies – Dick Van Dyke – 93yo tap dancing on table tops in Mary Poppins Returns (2018).    ‘Elderly’ authors – Margaret Attwood, 79yo just released Freedom (2018).  ‘Elderly’ musicians – Yo Yo Ma, Cellist, 63 (still a junior senior) recently completed a world tour where he performed Bach Six Solo Cello Suites in one sitting in 36 different locations.  Pablo Casals (also a cellist) when asked at 91y, why he continued to practice 4 – 5 hours daily, replied “Because I think I am making progress.”  Can you imagine practicing cello at 91y and making progress?  Incredible!

(This – practicing cello at 91y – is a goal of mine – just sayin’!)

So age related cognitive decline is not inevitable.  Age related cognitive decline is not a done deal.

The hippocampus is a key player in this.  The say what?  The hippocampus is the structural part of your brain that is critical in memory and learning and is particularly vulnerable to the neurotoxic (nerve damaging) effects of obesity and diabetes (as well as other mental health disorders and sleep disturbances.)

This is fantastic news.  Fantastic, because we can actively intervene and send these disorders packing.

Oh groan – not another diet and exercise plan.

Nope.  Buff Up Your Brain takes a completely different approach.

In fact, your weight is a rather poor reflection of your overall health.  But it is where most of us spend (I would argue waste) our entire lives focusing our attention.  Our entire lives self-reprimanding, self-criticizing.  Our entire lives we ‘compare and despair’ ourselves against some vague unwritten societal norm.  Our entire lives failing to meet some random, poorly articulated, perpetually changing, delusional perception of perfect.  Not only must we be brilliant, thin and buff, we must get that way without working at it, while raising perfect well – behaved children, providing homemade ‘nutritious’ meals and snacks throughout the day, never miss a hockey game or ballet recital…. all while climbing the corporate ladder, nary a hair out of place!

Seriously?  Such utter nonsense.

Buff Up Your Brain is interested in promoting Optimal Brain Health.  Mental Clarity.  Refreshing Sleep.  Happiness.  Meaning.  Connection.  These incredible blessings are available to you, right now.

Oh groan. <SIGH>

Nope.  All of these things are within your mental grasp, within your imagination.  And if you can imagine it, you can achieve it.  You just have to learn to master how you speak to yourself.

Buff Up Your Brain is interested in helping you learn to master the way you speak to yourself.

Master the way you speak to yourself and change your life.  It is utterly possible.

Buff it up, my friends
Dr Karen

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