Dare To Dream

I am going to fess up, I am a self-help-book junkie.  I read a ton of stuff, I listen to audio books and I journal my thoughts regularly.  And I am frustrated by my turtle paced trudging through the river of misery – er change.  I may have spent the last 50 years forming the… Continue reading Dare To Dream

Paradigm Shift

I recently read a BBC article that reported “Doctors are not being trained to deal with what medics call non-communicable diseases – and it’s those kind of illnesses that are threatening to bankrupt our health system” and “a leading GP estimated that almost 80% of his patients had conditions linked to lifestyle and diet.”   The… Continue reading Paradigm Shift

Happiness reconsidered.

I have been re-thinking happiness lately. We all strive to be happy.  As a society we are obsessed with chasing happiness.  But the harder you chase it, the more elusive it seems.  Such has been my experience anyway.  Our brain has been hard-wired to seek happiness since the dawn of time.  This ‘seek happiness’ default… Continue reading Happiness reconsidered.