For decades I was driven by an ambition that was never satisfied.

  • National research scholarship, Tick;
  • PhD, Tick;
  • Medical Degree, Tick;

Achievement after achievement, I would get there.  And I did, but not until my health and well being tanked.

By most standards, I was successful, but I certainly was not happy!

Perhaps you know what I am talking about. 

  • Perhaps after years of climbing the corporate ladder, you feel ‘Meh’ is this it? Surely there is more to life;
  • Or perhaps, a welcome challenge has turned into an obligatory grind;
  • Or maybe, it’s simply time to shuffle your priorities, moving yourself a little closer to the top;
  • Perhaps, like me, you felt trapped.  Years of training and the sunk costs are high. 

After 17 years of training and 13 years of private pediatric practice, feeling utterly spent, against the advise of just about everyone I knew – I retired… without a plan.  

Burnout – it’s insidious; it’s relentless; it’s isolating; and it’s rampant. 

But, there is an antidote!

For months I was restless and quite directionless – doing ‘nothing’ was not something I was familiar with.  

Should I go back? Instant nausea – Okay, I will take that as a ‘no.’ 

Then my inner critic chimed in – quitter, you’re such a failure.  Thirty years wasted… Shameful.  How dare you?

Life Coaching. 
Change your perspective.
Change your life!

I hired a life coach.  And with guidance and a lot of self-reflection, I was able to change my perspective and change my life. 

I lost weight, reversed my health concerns and most importantly, I started to create a life I love and a future I am excited about… NO GRIND whatsoever!

And so can you.

If all you had to do was change your perspective to change the direction of your life, would you have the courage to do it?

It’s worth exploring – I assure you!

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