Hey Hi!  I am Dr Karen, retired pediatrician turned LIFE COACH and NEURO-ENTHUSIAST obsessed with helping you understand the science of longevity and optimal brain health so that you can redesign your future and live life, love life, always. 

I understand your fear – Dementia, is this my future too?  It’s the unspoken question that haunts anyone with a loved one with dementia. 

Both longevity and early onset dementia run in my family, so, perhaps like you, I have a 7 in 10 chance I will live long and mindless, a burden to my family.

So I truly do understand you fear!

Do you believe memory lapse is a normal part of aging?

“Dementia it’s inevitable!”

  • Misplaced keys – doomed!
  • Lost words – doomed!
  • Memory lapse – doomed!
  • Loved one with dementia – doomed!

No not spend another precious moment of your life believing that nonsense!
Believe you can DEFY the odds!

Dementia is inevitable… Memory lapse with aging is normal…  Life is too short to believe such nonsense.  Truthfully, I have absolutely no idea if dementia is in my future or not.  None what-so-ever!  Nor do you.
BUT – what I do know is this:  What you think about comes about.
You manifest your own destiny.  Your brain is specifically designed to seek information to confirm what it already believes and ignore information to the contrary.   So if you believe dementia is inevitable and memory lapse is normal, that is what you get. Choose otherwise.

You can choose to believe whatever you want!
Choice is a beautiful thing!

I have decided to be a sassy, black leather jacket wearing, neuro-enthusiast.
What will you choose?

You have the most incredible dementia prevention tool – YOUR BRAIN! 
Let’s learn to use it to your advantage shall we?

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