Sassy Moment BONUS Celebrations

Good morning ladies, grab a cup of coffee, pull up a chair and listen in, this is the Sassy Moments Podcast Bonus Moment, Celebrations!  

Woohoo celebrate 10 podcasts broadcast – statistically, I just broke through the first glass ceiling of podcasters… Many start – not so many reach 10 episodes…  Apparently there is a really high attrition rate for podcasts… So whoop whoop  I am celebrating.  So thrilled and I’m having a ton of fun at this.  I hope you are enjoying this as much as I am.  Even more importantly, I hope listening to my moments enhances your day and offers up something worth thinking about.

Maybe you could do me a favor and spread the word I’m here…  There is a lot of podcast chatter out in cyberspace – which is a great thing, but it means my message is one of several million and hard to find.  I cannot shout louder, but you my friends, can create a megaphone.  Please share an episode with all your friends.  Get them to share with their friends.    

Feel younger longer.  This is our legacy.  We can fundamentally change the societal dogma that we will end up lonely, frail and forgetful.  Rejuvenate your mind… Feel younger longer… Dare to dream.  Dare to become the best version of yourself. 

Celebrate.  How do you celebrate?  Maybe I should first ask, do you celebrate?  Most women are really good at celebrating other peoples achievements.  Think birthdays – they are a big deal for kids… but for women?  I think we give up celebrating birthdays cause it makes us feel old.  Eventually our kids start celebrating our birthday – because it might be our last.  Let’s not fall into the pattern.  Besides, celebrating is fun and fun, makes us feel younger.  

Let’s learn to celebrate?  What can you celebrate that will make you feel younger?  Perhaps it’s not your birthday at this time, but maybe next birthday you can celebrate the fact that you learned a new skill – or can now lift 20kg, or can now cycle 30 km… Those are big wins… Once a year wins.  And they should be celebrated accordingly.  Do not let these big deals go unrecognized!  And for goodness sake, do not move the goalposts because you are close.  I am so guilty of that – moving the goal just as I arrive.   I remember being stuck on a weight loss plateau for months – that is another long story – but when I finally broke through it… I didn’t celebrate, I just moved the goalposts. I believe my thought was, “it’s about time.” and I am pretty sure my thought included a 4 letter explicative or two!  No wonder weight loss is such a  miserable experience.  

How can you celebrate the big wins?  Share with friends.  Treat yourself to something you normally wouldn’t… a facial, manicure or pedicure or all three.  I often buy myself books, or a subscription to a podcast, sometimes coaching.  Reward yourself,  plan ahead for it.  Post a picture of your reward where you see it everyday.  It can serve as a motivator. Do not not celebrate.

Having said that – you will find the big wins accumulate faster if you celebrate the small wins.   And the small wins, are so much more fun!  And celebrating the small wins will form the habits that make the big wins possible.  So shift your focus to the small wins.  

As my cello teacher taught me – focus on the process, the rest will follow.  Focus on the process.  Celebrate the process.  As you may know, cello unlike guitars, do not have frets to mark the correct position to hit the right pitch.  And whenever I shifted position, I missed the pitch and I could hear how wrong it was.  The more I missed the more frustrated I got and the more I missed.  Ever so patient, he was calm… focus on the process not the result.  Focus on the process, the rest will follow.  And as I relaxed into the process – I stopped missing.  And cello got to be a lot more fun! 

Celebrate the small wins.  Consciously and fanatically reward yourself.  Exaggerate it.  Say it out loud.  Well done, Karen.  Or Whoop Whoop, fist bumps with myself.  Write it down – I count – day 20 of a new habit.  Day 21.  Day 22… Whoop whoop.  I use colored markers and write the number on the day…  Watching those numbers fill up the month… awesome.  Thirty day challenges work for me… Maybe 7 is all you need.  Explore – figure it out.   Counting is how I created my daily cycling habit… I stopped counting after day 120… It was an established habit – I was so very impressed with myself!  Whoop whoop… 

Focus on the small wins and celebrate ladies.  Celebrate.  Celebrate like no one is watching.  And if they are, ask them to join in.  

All this to say, hey help me celebrate – please share.  Whoop whoop. Tell all your friends.    

Talk again soon.

Live Life, Love Life, Always…