Sassy Moment #9 – Gifts to Your Future Self

Good morning ladies, pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee, and listen in, it’s time for the Sassy Moments Podcast, Moment #9 – Gifts to your future self.  

Last episode I pointed out that reading doesn’t stimulate neurogenesis – new neural growth – because reading is not a new skill, I learned how to read decades ago.  My brain already knows how to read.  In order to stimulate new growth of neurons, we need novelty.  We must learn something new – something we have never done before.  And sadly, reading doesn’t make the grade.   It’s seems so unfair. 

As we age, we fall into patterns.  Behind these patterns are habits, and truthfully one of the focuses of my current attention is to create healthy habits that get to be so deeply ingrained, that even if I develop dementia in my future, those habits will be my default routine.   No snacking after 6pm.  Get up when you first wake up after 530am.  Cycle every morning.  Lights out by 10pm.  Read 60 – 90 minutes every day – even if reading doesn’t help with neurogenesis.  Write daily.  Play cello daily.

Those are the gifts to my future self.  Working on it.  

I love the idea of giving gifts to my future myself.  I talked about the future self as a wise advisor for our present self in the episode 4 The Infinity Paradox… 

Imagine your successful future self – the future you want to create for yourself.  She is you and you know you better than anyone else.  What advice would your future self give your present self?  She won’t lead you astray.  Assuming you want to create an amazing future for yourself.  This is the power of the infinity paradox:  The best way to predict the future is to create it, and the best way to create it is to imagine it.  And if you are going to imagine it, make yourself the hero.  Love your life now, not eventually.

I love that – the best way to predict the future is to create it and the best way to create it is to imagine it.  

What gifts do you want to give your future self?  Ask her.  Imagine your future successful self.  Here is a great question to ask yourself and journal about – What are you going to do with your one wild and wonderful life?  What a great perspective to think about your future from.  

I love thinking about my future self – how does she spend her time, what sorts of things does she think about, how does she manage self doubt and this inner critic of mine, who are her lifelong friends, where she travel, how many books has she authored, where does she live – I love that one.  Where does she live… Have I moved to a warmer climate?  On a lake or near a glacial river or in the mountains.  Do I cycle-tour the world?  

Such a fun exercise.  Imagine your future self does these wild and wonderful things.  Pick one that intrigues you the most – for me its cycle touring.  High on my bucket list is to cycle tour in Italy and France and other places around the world but at the top is to cycle the Ice Fields highway between Banff and Jasper National Parks.  In order for me to do that, say 5 years from now, what gifts do I need to start to create to give my 5 years from now self?  One is the gift of fitness.  Another is the gift of cycling bravery – currently I cycle on a stationery bike somewhat terrified of traffic.  I will need a new bike and additional cycling gear.  Cycle-touring requires an endurance mindset – a come rain or shine kinda thing… Truth be told it’s an impossible dream of my to coach from my henessee hammock as I cycle across Canada.  Or to organize a retreat where a group of Sassy ladies meets in Banff to cycle to Jasper forging new friendships and a lifetime of memories…  So fun… just thinking about this makes me want to pull out the bicycle cleats.

These gifts are for my distant future self, which admittedly I sometimes find hard to imagine – there are just too many variables to factor in.  It is a great exercise nonetheless.  Just let yourself dream and imagine – suspend reality for a few minutes.  Have fun with it.

We can also give our afternoon or tomorrow self gifts.  I cycle every morning for cardiovascular fitness – it’s integral to my 5 year future self as just outlined.  But it’s also for my afternoon self.  My early morning pedal sets a fantastic tone for the day.  I feel energized and enthusiastic, ready to tackle the activities and challenges of the day.  I make the coffee every night before bed and literally say out loud, here ya go Karen, Love ya!  In the morning, all I need to do is push the button and I say hey thanks Karen, appreciate it.  

Gifts to your near – future self are such a phenomenal way to love yourself more, and such a fantastic way to increase the joy in your life.   And when you love yourself and create joy for yourself, you cannot help but feel younger.  Am I right?

What gifts will you give your future self? 

Well worth thinking about!

Talk again soon!

Live Life, Love Life, Always…