Sassy Moment #6 Connection is Key

Good morning ladies, grab a cup of coffee, pull up a chair and listen in, this is the Sassy Moments Podcast, Moment #6 Connection is Key. 

Love your life and love your future.  This is our legacy – to change the societal view of aging.  Can you imagine where a shift in perspective might end up?  I can’t but I know it is better than believing we will end up lonely, frail and forgetful.  The woman who pushed over the lead domino to create a spider and little critter free home could not possibly have imagined air conditioned luxury condos.  But that’s where it got us.  

What is the bug free luxury condo equivalent of aging brilliantly?  I think it will end up with women entrepreneurs ruling the world with kind firm clarity of purpose.   No drama, no hyperbole, just love and service to ourselves and others from a place of abundance.  Because once we learn to love ourselves as much as we love others, ain’t nothin’ stoppin’ us.  We will create a world that is spectacular beyond our wildest imagination for future generations to come.

Why not believe that?  A world full of love and abundance?  I’m good with that as a possibility a generation or two from now.  

We must push over the lead domino.  We must shift the perspective we have on aging.  We must reject the notion that we will end up lonely, frail and forgetful.  I believe the lead domino is that we love ourselves and we love our future.

Longevity.  Look after yourself.  Where to start?  

Connection.  The single most important factor that contributes to living longer is connecting with others.  Social isolation is worse than obesity, physical inactivity or smoking on our health.  The healthiest 100 year olds on the planet, in addition to living active, relatively independent lives they have the common thread of having connection with friends.  Connection with others is widely considered a fundamental human need and the impact of social isolation on our health is well documented.  Social isolation has been shown to have adverse health consequences including depression, poor sleep quality, impaired executive function, accelerated cognitive decline, poor cardiovascular function and impaired immunity… in short it messes with just about every aspect of your well being.  Social isolation sucks to say the least. 

In the book What Makes Olga Run, author Bruce Grierson explores the secrets to her longevity.   As a 90 plus year old track athlete and sprinter, Olga has cracked the myths and untruths about aging.  Olga took up track at 77.  At 91, when asked “How old do you feel? Her answer – About 50.  She reported the same level of energy she had when she was more than 40 years younger.  

Umm… what?  

At 85 she was training three times weekly, each 2.5 hours – lifting weights, doing squats and cycling for cardiovascular fitness. On rest days, she did a ‘lighter workout’ focused on core strength and general strength.  

Umm… what?!!

Surely she has extraordinary genetics, remarkable discipline and extreme resiliency.  Right.  There is no special diet, no special supplements.  Clearly she has the mindset of an athlete and she listens carefully to her body.  

It’s a fascinating read.  Getting to know Olga was a transformative event for Grierson.  Her secret to living longer happier lives?  Turns out it’s not at all complicated and he sums it up beautifully “break a sweat daily with a friend.”   Such fantastic advice.  

Chat again soon!

Live Life, Love Life, Always…