Sassy Moment #5 Love Your Life

Good morning ladies, pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee and listen in, this is The Sassy Moments Podcast, Moment #5 Love Your Life. 

Love your life.  This.  Love your life.  Is foundational to longevity.  Love your life every day.  Who wants to live long if you’re grumpy all the time?  If you had no choice but to live to 95 or 100, would you change your current choices to impact your future?  If you’re 50 and you are gaining 5 pounds a year – which is not uncommon (sorry for that ladies!). Well after another 10 years (let alone 50) that might pose a bit of a mobility problem.  

Or if you find your career is demanding all of your time and energy and quality time with friends is squeezed to a minimum, you might find yourself alone in your 90s. Sleep is usually the first casualty when the demands of daily life exceed 24 hours a day.  Sleep friends and exercise are set aside for later.  I know.  I did that.  And rebuilding from scratch is no easy task.

Love your life. It is the ultimate goal for everything we choose to do.  All of the actions we take we take because we believe the result of that action will make us feel better.  It’s the universal default position.  We all want to love our life.  To feel fantastic.  It’s a 20th century luxury.  Four hundred years ago – before the agricultural revolution of the 1700s, our time and energy focused on staying alive and passing along our genes, not being happy.  But that is another story.

Love your life is foundational to longevity and requires a lot of TLC.  A lot.  If you want to love your life, you must look after your body and your brain.  And yes I understand that your brain is part of your body, but it is the master coordinator and director of your life.  Because I am a classical music snob, I think of my brain as Maestro – the conductor of the symphony of my life.  And like most Maestros it is temperamental and very high maintenance. 

I believe we have a brain for two reasons – 1) to be creative and 2) to move our body.  The latter because, if you cannot move your body around to do the stuff you need to do to create there is no point creating.  

Think about it, we used to live in damp dark caves with spiders and little critters.  We now live in bug free air conditioned homes.  We were creative and we did all kinds of really cool stuff.

Our brain also keeps our body alive, without us really thinking about it.  It digests and absorbs what you eat, it stores energy for future use (often too much these days), it keeps your heart beating, it removes toxins from your system, it fights off viruses and bacteria and heals itself… all without you giving it any directions whatsoever or having any understanding of what it needs to do what it does.  It is truly remarkable.

So we must love our brain and love our body, to create a life we love.  But it doesn’t stop there.  We must love our future.  It is our intrigue about the future that primes the pump to get our creative juices flowing.  Had we not wanted to live in a spider free environment, we would not have started the cascade of events that ultimately created luxury air conditioned condos.

So there you have it.  To love your life, you must love your brain, love your body and love your future.  These are the four pillars of longevity.

Chat again soon!

Live Life, Love Life, Always…