Sassy Moment #3 The Hero’s Journey

Good morning ladies.  Grab your coffee, it’s time for The Sassy Moments Podcast – Moment #3 The Hero’s Journey.  

Last moment I introduced the idea that we need to take a stand against the currently accepted norms surrounding aging.  And we must reject the notion that we will end up lonely, frail and forgetful and do so with radical defiance and extreme disobedience.  

This is our legacy ladies.  

We can design and create a future overflowing with meaningful purpose, connection with friends, and unyielding resilience.  Such a better perspective right?  Slide into your grave with reckless abandon – I just love that visualization.  Be you with all your might.  Do what you love with all your might.  Be uniquely you with all your might.  

I love love love the quote by Roosevelt, popularized by Brene Brown… and paraphrased for women “It is not the critic who counts… it’s the woman in the arena… and if she fails, at least she fails while daring greatly.”

Dare greatly.  However I would argue there is no failure, just more information to dare again only more effectively.

But how?   How can we alter societal dogma?  With a paradigm shift.  Not a simple shift in perspective – a paradigm shift – a fundamental change in the way you view your present, to redesign your future.  You can design and create your future.  You are the author AND the leading lady in the story of your life.  Are you the tragic victim or the heroic victor?  You get to choose!  Choose the latter. 

The hero’s journey.  What might that look like for you?  Start to get to know your future heroic self.  How does she spend her time?  What relationships are important to her?  How does she manage self doubt?  What does she believe about herself?  Who has she become?

These are fantastic questions to start to explore.  Remember you get to write the story of your life.  You are the leading lady.  No NOT – I repeat do NOT settle for supporting actress. 

Chat again soon!

Live Life, Love Life, Always