Day 15 The Sassy Fundo


Yet another special milestone to celebrate.  Celebrate my friends.  Yesterday I chatted a little bit about figuring out what you want for yourself – I hope you spent a little bit of time pondering that. 

Here is a great question to ask yourself and journal about – What are you going to do with your one wild and precious life?  What a great perspective to think about your future from.  I love thinking about my future self – how does she spend her time, what sorts of things does she think about, how does she manage self doubt and this inner critic of mine.  

This ties into the imagine thyself idea presented back on Day 6 and who you want to become.  But the cool thing about future self is your future self can just be tomorrow self.  Or next week self.  I sometimes find the 5 year or 10 year self hard to imagine, but tomorrow self is considerably more predictable.  I give my future self gifts – I make the coffee the night before so I only have to push a button in my morning pre-cycle fog.  And I say out-loud, “There ya go, for tomorrow. Love ya!”  When I push that button I say – out loud – “Thanks Karen, appreciated.”  Sounds silly but sure does make me smile and it helps me love myself more. 

My morning cycling is a gift to my future self – the gift of fitness.  What a great gift.  But it is also a gift for my later today self.  My early morning pedal sets the tone for a fantastic day.  My enthusiasm and energy are up and I am ready to take on the challenges of my day.  If your not feeling that yet, know that it is in your future and a gift you can give yourself!

What gifts will you give your future self? 

Live Life, Love Life, Always,
Coach Karen

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