Day 14 The Sassy Fundo


Whoo hoo Day 14 – two full weeks – CELEBRATE.  How can we not celebrate?  What will you do for yourself?  For YOU – make sure it’s something you want to do for you!  

What might that be?  Have you thought about that?  What do you want. YOU, not what you think your spouse would like, not what you think your kids want.  What do you want? 

It’s a really hard question for women to answer because they are so used to prioritizing others.  It’s wired into our DNA – if women weren’t hard wired for caregiving, the human race would have faded away centuries ago.  Seriously women have been responsible for the survival of the human race!  (But hey, no pressure.)

What do you want to do for you to celebrate?  Get a manicure, a pedicure or a facial – why not all 3?  Take yourself and your bestie to your favourite hiking trail.  Sign up for a fun online course.  Let yourself dream.  I am going to wander through my favourite bookstore and buy the books I have been resisting.  I love books.  Just having books, though I read most of them, some more than once.  Ebooks just don’t work nearly as well for me.  I highlight, scribble, underline, add post it notes and dog-ears.  Ya just cannot do that with an ebook. 

Spend some quality time with yourself.  You are worth every single moment!   

Live Life, Love Life, Always
Coach Karen

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