Day 12 – The Sassy Fundo


Do you strive to find balance in life?  That perfect balance between career, family commitments and relationships, travel, all the things you want to do.  Do you feel like you are spinning so many plates it takes all of your focus to keep them aloft?  Then I come along and tell you to find time to exercise.  Yet another plate to add to the spinning.  

Balance in life is just not a thing.  Stop striving for it.  Accept it.  A truly balanced life would be boring, mediocre at best. 

A vibrant life is full of imbalance. 

Imagine if everything in life were to receive equal attention.  If every relationship was treated the same – partner, child, colleague, friend, or neighbour, you would never develop deep and meaningful relationships.  What if all activities in your day were kept in a neat tidy balance?  Is dusting as important as cooking for your family?

Enrich your life, let yourself be out of balance.  But choose your imbalances wisely.  Choose them with intention. 

Remember your undivided attention is the most valuable gift you can give to anyone.  Don’t waste it – ever! 

Lovingly meet your newborn’s outrageous demands on your time.  Skip the dusting and dishes and just about everything else.  Bonding with your baby is the only thing that matters – at least for a few months.  Enjoy it.  Willing take a three week trip to Italy with your best friend, knowing you will have to manage piles of paperwork when you return.  Enjoy the trip. 

Imbalance makes our lives rich and fulfilling.  Embrace it.

Live Life, Love Life, Always
Coach Karen

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