Day 9 – The Sassy Fundo


You have one of the most incredible creative solution finding tools imaginable – your brain.  In absolutely beautiful complexity your brain will generate amazing results if you ask it the right sort of questions.   

Unfortunately, most of us ask negative, disempowering questions.

  • What is wrong with me? 
  • Why is this so hard?
  • Why can’t I figure this out?

Instead, learn to ask high-quality, empowering questions.  Our brains love to answer questions and will come up with an answer to negative or empowering questions (it doesn’t care one way or the other), but the latter answers are so much more helpful.

When you pose a question to your brain, it will start scanning for an answer.  It will scan memories, new thoughts, old thoughts, it will rehash previous experiences, compare and contrast, sort and shuffle all sorts of ‘stuff.’

Have you ever had a challenge you have been working on, unable to solve?  But at 3 in the morning, the answer just pops into your head?  That, is your brilliant brain at work…. Percolating through the data… comparing, contrasting…

 POOF!  Why didn’t I think of this earlier?!?

Ask yourself empowering questions.  Instead of ‘What is wrong with me?’, ask ‘What do I love about myself?’ or instead of ‘Why is this so hard,’ ask, ‘How can I make this easier?’

If your not sure how to create an empowering question or thought, think of the opposite – hard vs easy; impossible vs possible.  Sometimes the opposite is too much of a stretch and your brain won’t believe it.   Then try to make it just a little different.  Instead of ‘This is impossible,’ think ‘Maybe this is not as hard as I think;’ or ‘perhaps its not impossible.’

Try it.  See how your life starts to change.

Live Life, Love Life, Always
Dr Karen

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