Day 8 – The Sassy Fundo


Yesterday I talked about giving yourself permission to not follow your arguments with yourself.  Such fantastic skill to learn. 

Today I want to talk about talking to your brain not listening to your brain.  Your brain will automatically offer up all the reasons why you shouldn’t pursue some fantastic idea.  It’s how it kept us safe when we lived in a hostile world centuries ago.  “Don’t eat that berry it might be poisonous.”    

Thanks brain but we no longer live in a hostile environment – we truly are not at risk of becoming breakfast as we look for breakfast.

But your brain doesn’t know this so it provides a litany of excuses to keep you safe.  And to the brain safe mean familiar, even when familiar is slowly killing you.  By exercising you are making a change and change to the brain is lethal… “oh no, no, no… that is not how we do things.  Stay here, have some potato chips… that’s better.”

Listening to our brain keeps us stuck.  Instead talk to your brain.  It’s okay, we will be fine, it’s just 2 minutes of cycling, we did it yesterday, remember?  Remember your brain is just trying to keep you safe and as silly as it seems, you need to reassure it.  It’s okay.  We are going to do ‘X’ anyway.  

When it comes to getting myself to exercise I use this thought to tell my brain… “It’s okay, exercise feels a lot like self love.”   Or “It’s okay, I know it’s hard, but I do hard things.”

Try it.  Talk to your brain more than your listen to its excuses.
It works.  Honest.

Live Life, Love, Life, Always,
Dr Karen

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