Day 7 – the Sassy Fundo


Time to switch it up. 

Alright it’s day 7 – make sure you stop and celebrate after your workout today.  Celebrate 7 days.  Whoop whoop! wiggle around in your chair, sing out loud on your way to work, fist bump yourself… Do not NOT celebrate.  I repeat, do not NOT celebrate.  

A few years ago now I got some absolutely terrific advice from a coach.  And I remind myself of it daily.  To be transparent – it took several months to remember to remind myself of it daily but I got myself there (Post it notes truly are magical! – put them up everywhere in your house.)  

Give yourself permission to not follow your arguments with yourself. 

Every time a fascinating idea pops into your head, do you squash it with logic?  You come up with all manner of reasons you can’t do that, or even worse, you worry about what other people might think?  

That is a dream killer question – what will other people think?  It is one of the quickest ways to deflate your enthusiasm.  Who cares what other people think.  Let them be wrong about what you are going to do.  This is your dream. 

Give yourself permission to not follow your arguments with yourself.  Let your brain explore it.  That doesn’t mean you have to sell your house, ask for a divorce or move to New Zealand to live with the yellow eyed penguins. 

Noooo.  I just means you are letting yourself explore an idea.  Just. For. FUN!

So, what are you going to do to switch up the exercise habit you are creating?  For me, I cycle first thing every morning, and I have been cycling between 30 – 60 minutes daily for many months.  To switch it up, I am going to start increasing tension to mimic in ‘hill work’ – start building up some leg strength so I tackle outside hills in the spring.  

Switch it up if you are ready.  Listen to your body, not your brain’s arguments.  Then celebrate. 

Live life, Love life… Always,
Dr Karen

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