Day 6 – The Sassy Fundo


How do you believe in yourself without any evidence to support whatever it is you want to believe?  You create belief in your mind, in your imagination.  

Imagine it and create it. To paraphrase Tom Bileu (host, Impact Theory podcast) – as long as it doesn’t defy the laws of physics, go for it.   

You may have heard the phrase “Know thyself” – attributed to Socrates, one of the great philosophical thinkers that planted the seeds of stoicism (more on stoicism some other blog).  

But what if ‘know thyself’ is just the beginning?  Add on ‘imagine thyself.’  Sure it’s important to know thyself, but to imagine thyself?  So much more powerful.

Imagine thyself and create belief in yourself to support that belief.  

What is a belief?  A belief is a thought we have repeated to ourselves so many times that we accept it as fact.  So to create a belief, create a thought you want to believe, then repeat that thought to yourself over and over until you believe it is true.

The thought that I used to help create a belief in my exercise journey, which you are more than welcome to take as your own, is: “Exercise is a lot like self love.”  What’s great about this thought is that it is true and it inspires me to exercise even on the days I don’t ‘feel like it.’  If it works for you, take it.  If not, create your own thought.

Live Life, Love Life, Always,
Dr Karen

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