Day 4 – Sassy Fundo


Okay let’s talk about ‘why’ as a concept.  No doubt you remember from childhood you were taught how to write something using ‘who, what, where, when and why’   It’s a really good strategy to use when you want to trigger your imagination.  Of late, perhaps thanks to Simon Sinek who wrote a fabulous book entitled Start With Why over a decade ago,  everyone is soul searching for the great why of their life.  Me too.  I spent years trying to figure out why I do stuff.   

But not anymore because for me it just a time suck.  Why do you do the things you do?  Maybe its because you have always done it that way because that is how your mother did it.  Maybe as a 10 year old you figured something out and to this day you use the same strategy.  It worked then…  you were 10.  It might be time for an upgrade, you’re over 50.  There may just be another way.

What if why is not important?  You can give yourself permission to change your behaviour if it no longer helps you.  You get to do that! You get to decide to change just because you want to.  You can change your mind and decide to change your behaviour.  No justification required.

How freeing is that?

Live Life, Love Life, Always
Dr Karen

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