Day 3 – Sassy Fundo


Time to learn to want to exercise.  Sassy at Sixty is all about longevity – how to live longer, preferably with your health intact.  Exercise for longevity.  This challenge addresses the cardiovascular fitness piece, specifically getting started; get yourself in the habit of exercising every day.  

Let’s talk about learning how to want something.  I am an aspiring writer, though I did not discover I enjoy writing until after I retired.  I have a grand total of ZERO training in writing, if you exclude grade school.  So, in typical academic fashion, I picked up a book on writing – Storyworthy, Matthew Dicks and in it, he recommends you write less than you want everyday.  Yep, LESS.  Get up and walk away from your desk while you still WANT to write.  Then you will be much more likely to go back to writing the next day.  

I believe the same approach works for exercise. Exercise LESS than you want.  STOP before you are exhausted (please!) If you want to spend the next 30 days training to run 10km, don’t – you will burn yourself out.  Set yourself up for success, decide to train to run only 2km.  When you succeed at 2km, it’s much more likely you will want to continue.  Soon enough, it becomes a habit.  

This challenge is about exercising for longevity, not for some bikini body (accept it, those days are over).  And as the word implies – LONGevity – includes a long time.  This is not a crash course – it’s 30 days!  Long enough to get you into the habit of exercising so you can exercise for 30 years.  We are not running a marathon here, we are running a string of ultra-marathons. And when you run an ultra-marathon, you start slow, then slow down.

The truth of it is, if you don’t want to exercise, you simply won’t.  So decide to learn how to want to exercise, and then how to follow through on that want.  Remember – do less than you want, start slow, then slow down.

Live life, Love Life… Always
Dr Karen

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