Day 2 – The Sassy FUNDO


Getting started is the most important skill you need to make exercise (or anything else for that matter) a routine part of your day. 

Let’s talk about celebrating.  Party.  CEL-E-BRATE.  This is a MUST, mandatory.  

If you are new to exercise please, please, PLEASE learn to celebrate your 2 minutes.  You MUST celebrate.  It’s quite likely your brain is going to undermine your accomplishment.  “Two minutes, as if that is going to make a difference.”  “Two minutes, such trivial nonsense.” 


Your brain is lying to you.  I repeat, DO NOT LISTEN TO YOUR BRAIN.  Celebrate like no one is watching. 

Confession time – full transparency here – celebrating is something I am terrible at.   I’m an academic, I used to study for a living.  serious business.  Fortunately I have a friend who is most patiently helping me learn to appreciate the importance of celebrating the tiniest of wins and how to go about it.  Her basic approach – celebrate as though no one is watching.  Fist bumps in the air.  Turn up the music and swing your hips around.  (Chubby Checker and the twist can be fun!). Dance with your grandchild.  Make a HUGE deal out of the fact that you exercised for 2 minutes.

Why?  Because when you celebrate you are teaching your brain you just did something fantastic and you want to teach it to want to more of that fantastic thing.  To get sciency about it – when you celebrate, you activate your brain’s reward centre and give yourself a little shot of dopamine (the brain’s feel good hormone).

So, celebrate like no one is watching – EVERY SINGLE time you do anything that contributes to increasing your daily exercise.  EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Live Life, Love Life, Always…
Dr Karen

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