DAY 1 – The Sassy Fundo


The very first skill you need to learn to get yourself into the habit of exercising for your longevity, is to start.  JUST START.  Nike got it right –  “Just do it.”  I know, easier said than done!    

Fortunately it is a skill… A SKILL you can learn to do. 

I want you to commit to ‘start to exercise’ everyday for the next 30 consecutive days.  Start to exercise, everyday.  Commit to just 2 minutes – only 2.  You don’t even necessarily have to get out of your jammies.  Pick an exercise that you enjoy and do it for two minutes. 

  • Go for a one minute walk, then turn around and walk back.  
  • Cycle on your stationary bike and push the pedals in circles for two minutes.  
  • Turn up the music and swing your hips for two minutes.  

TWO MINUTES – that is all.  Then CELEBRATE.  After two minutes you will have earned the right to celebrate. And that celebration is a MUST.   

But and this is a paradoxical but – once you get two minutes into your activity, it’s quite likely you will want to continue.  This is the great exercise paradox: you don’t want to start to exercise, but once you start you are glad you did and you are much more likely to continue.  (It’s also why you might want to get out of your jammies!)

Live Life, Love Life, Always,
Dr Karen

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