Sassy FUNDO Introduction

Welcome to the First Annual Sassy Fundo. 

A Sassy what?  Sassy FUNDO, it’s a play on words… FUN (as in play) and DO (as in take action) and it’s a play on the word FONDO taken from Gran Fondo, which is a long distance cycling event ranging in distance from 50 – 100km. A Sassy Fundo is a challenge for you to get yourself up and moving more on a daily basis while having FUN.  If we start now we can be well on our way to a daily exercise habit before the brunt of Christmas eating festivities are tempting us at every routine encounter.   

I cycle between 30 – 60 minutes everyday – it’s become part of my identity.  It has, most wonderfully, become a routine that I simply do every morning.  I have decided to challenge myself and switch up my cycling routine and I would like to ask you to join me.  

So starting tomorrow morning – I will record a short video after my morning cycling/stretching routine and offer up a little encouragement.  I hope you will come along for the FUNDO.  

I cycle, but you can choose any activity you want – cycle, walk, run, sprint, swim or row… whatever you enjoy.  Make a commitment to yourself to start to exercise.  

See you tomorrow morning.

Live Life, Love Life, Always
Dr Karen

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