Brain thumb twiddles

I collect thoughts.  I create empowering thoughts for myself to think on purpose and I ask myself empowering questions daily.  My workspace is cluttered with post-it notes of all sizes and colors.  I have post-it notes pinned to the lampshade on my bedside table, post-it notes on the fridge, post-it notes on the front door, post-it notes on the bathroom mirror.  Thoughts strewn throughout the house to remind me to tell my brain my new thought, my new belief, my new inspiration.  I am tempted to decorate the dash of my car with post-it notes, but I am afraid I will create too much of a visual distraction, so no, not on the dash!

I will confess, I am a bit embarrassed about my post-it note fetish.  And if I know someone is going to drop by, I gather up my post-it notes and tuck them in a drawer.  Sometimes my postiees, as I call them, remain hidden and a new series of postiees begins.  Other times, my postiees get sorted, filed and/or trashed.  It’s not a very efficient system so I asked my brain to provide a solution.

I forgot about that instruction until poof… “The box, use the box.”  Puzzled, what? Use the box, what are you talking about?  Ahhh, use the box!  Great idea!

I have a box that holds stuff I deem important enough not to lose.  It’s a plain brown shoebox sized unobtrusive box from a craft store that gets in the way more often than not sitting on my desk.  One day I started using it to elevate my lap top when I am video conferencing.  It was an esthetically and ergonomically brilliant discovery.  Elevating my lap top about 4 inches, relieves stress on my neck, minimizes the appearance of my double chin and avoids the inadvertent up the nostrils view!

Use the box.  I now capture my most cherished thoughts on my box.  I love my box, it’s so inspiring now.  “Follow your unconventional crazy heart.”  “Everything is easy once you understand.”  “Act as though your dream is non-negotiable.” “Show up on fire.”  “Never too old to defy the odds.”

Isn’t it amazing?  I just asked my brain in passing what to do with all these random postiees.  It answered, and now I have an inspiration box, not a boring clutter control box.

Our brain is one of the most under-utilized creative gifts we have been given as humans.  It is there, keeping itself occupied repeating old and not-so-helpful thoughts, twiddling its thumbs, waiting for instructions.

Open up your creativity, ASK your brain questions.  “Ooh good one… I love a challenge… Hmmm… Haaa…. Poof!  There ya go!”

Never allow it to default to “I don’t know.”  That is a brain thumb twiddle.  Tell it to figure it out, no thumb twiddling allowed!

Even better, ASK yourself empowering questions (see my 5 day challenge CLICK HERE).  Don’t ask why can’t I lose weight, ASK what do I need to do to lose weight?  Then ask, how can I make weight loss fun?  Then ask, how can I make weight loss permanent?  Then ask… what do I truly want to do with my life?  What makes my life meaningful?  How can I be more attentive to the people I love?  There is no limit to your brain’s creativity.

Just ask your brain.  It knows.  It will answer.

Where will you take yourself?

Have a fantastic week,
Buff on,
Dr Karen