Fabricated Tornados

“Stay out of other peoples’ tornados.”

That is a quote I heard from a grade 5 student, who happens to have autism.  He was thanking donors at a fundraising dinner for his new school.  In a beautifully delivered short presentation, he described his new school experience and “stay out of other peoples’ tornados” was an important lesson he has learned.

What a great personal philosophy.  I know several adults that could stand to adopt that advice, myself included. 

And for adults, I would add “and don’t fabricate your own.” 

We create so much unnecessary drama – as Shakespere said – “Much ado about nothing.” Ado – a state of agitation or fuss, especially about something unimportant.  It’s so easy to get sucked into a vortex of agitation and fuss over fictitious ‘what if, then tornados.’  Drama – fictitious stories – about what might, maybe happen however remotely possible.

Most times I can see my ‘what if, then tornado’ forming in the distance, knocking down the powerlines.  Here it comes, batten down the hatches and get out the flashlights!  And instead of taking steps to prevent worsening of the scenario, I simply brace myself and hope it dissipates on its own accord.

My self-fabricated ‘what if, then tornado’ lands me demented in a 10 X 15 room with cats, or homeless after the humane society apprehends my sheep dogs.  These two scenarios, are complete fictions more impossible than possible.  My brilliant, but not updated brain, thinks telling myself these stories is helpful and will motivate me.  Its negativity bias at its best!

“Don’t take any financial risks – you will end up homeless.” 
“Plan for dementia, it’s inevitable.”

My brain is doing its job, keeping me safe and secure.  Thanks brain, noted.  No tornados necessary thanks. 

“Stay out of other peoples’ tornados, and don’t fabricate your own!”

So good!

Buff it up, my friends!
Dr. Karen

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