Never Too Old

“You are too old to not change.”

I was told that by a very wise and patient nutrition coach several years ago when I was commiserating about being on the wrong side of 50y to make another 180o career change. I was defending my position complaining that I don’t have time to ‘screw up’ my finances before I retire.  When I was ‘but a youngster’ I didn’t think twice about major changes.  Back to school at 27y, yep, no problem.  Need a PhD to pursue your dream at 31y, OK.  Tick.  Off to medical school at 35y…. Admittedly, a little hesitancy is starting to creep in… Move across the country twice during residency… Done.  When I reflect back on all that change, it’s no wonder I am feeling restless yet have a desire to stay put.

I now consider myself on the right side of 60y, though I am closer to 60y than I am to 50y. I often ask myself “How the hell did this happen?”  And if I am not careful I end up in a quagmire of self-pity, playing the ‘what-if-regret’ game, a self-sabotage game that has few – if any – benefits.  I still ‘think’ as I did at 27y, despite my aches and creaks. 

Some people celebrate turning 50y – the half century mark – while others utterly dread it.  I am not dreading turning 60y.  To be honest, I feel better now than I did at 50y (even 40y) having shed considerable extra weight, correcting numerous chronic health concerns and slowly shifting my mindset.  Why dread the change in decades?  Barring any unexpected incidents, you are going to turn 50y (and 60y and eventually 70y and hopefully 80y and thereafter 90y) anyway, so might as well celebrate.

Change can be challenging, even if you have never made a 180o career change, never relocated across the country, or have never gone back to school.   Time marches on as it always has and always will.  Involuntarily thrust upon us or by choice, change is inevitable. 

Change is inevitable – and that is a good thing.  How boring would life be if it always remained the same?

You can choose to think that the best part of your life is behind you, or you can choose otherwise.  Choose the latter… you never know where you may end up!

Buff it up, my friends
Dr. Karen

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