Intermittent Fasting – Surprise Benefit.

I am exploring intermittent fasting as a lifestyle.  It’s been an interesting experiment.

It started after Christmas 2018, a holiday season over-eat-fest full of self-reprimand and self-induced frustration.  I was ‘pretty consistent’ (admittedly not perfect) with my newly adopted way of eating (no sugar/no flour/manage your insulin) and frustrated with a several month weight plateau.  Only 10 – 15 more pounds to go, how can this be so hard?  But after the holidays?  Weight up – only three pounds, but I was full of disappointment.  I had hoped I had developed the skills required to navigate the holidays without overeating on the sweet treats that abound.  Nope.  Glycogen and sugar stores were not only replenished but flooded.  <<HARRUMPH>>

I had also been experimenting occasionally with intermittent fasting and reading up on it extensively.  I am (holiday over-eat-fest-aside) fully fat adapted and have completed several 36 – 42 hours fasts and at least one 48 hour fast, without much difficulty.    

Furious with myself about my holiday over-eat-fest-behaviors, I embarked on an impromptu 5 day fast, starting right after Christmas dinner.  I enlisted the support of my coachy-friend Ann, who was also experimenting with occasional intermittent fasting and she agreed to daily chit-chat support. 

The 5 day fast? Apart from Day 2, it was easy.  I was astounded.  Utterly astounded.  It was not surprising day 2 was challenging.  That is when my flooded glycogen stores from my holiday over-eat-fest, would predictably be depleted.  But thereafter…. WHOOSH.  Increased energy.  Longer and more restful sleep.  Decreased hunger.  Prolific writing.  And, the mental clarity that I initially experienced when I adopted the no sugar/no flour way of eating, easily doubled if not quadrupled.  Seriously, slick thought processes.  LOVE it.  Just LOVE it.

What I did not notice, but was very evident to Ann, was the silencing of my inner critic.  When she pointed this out to me, I was speechless.  It was true.  My inner critic, who is quick and deadly accurate with a soul piercing insult, was silent.  I WANT THAT FOREVER.  Who wouldn’t?

And so, my intermittent fasting as a lifestyle experiment began.  The day after I broke from my 5 day fast, I started alternate day fasting – an approach to intermittent fasting discussed at length by guru Fung (Dr Jason Fung) in his book, The Complete Guide to Fasting.  I am now, three weeks in… prolific writing; increased energy; improved sleep; broke through my weight loss plateau; slick thoughts.  WHOOP, WHOOP! 

My inner critic?  I would describe her in disbelief, quietly watching, waiting to pounce.  She has taken a few stabs, but they are not nearly as accurate or piercing as usual.  I wholeheartedly believe, with continued intermittent fasting, she will be silenced indefinitely.

Silencing of my inner critic.  Incredible unpredicted benefit of intermittent fasting.  I am all in!  ALL IN!

Buff it up, my friends
Dr Karen

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