The gift of yet.

Yet.  My favorite word in the English language.  For such a short word it packs a powerful punch.  WOMP! 

Think about a very commonly used excuse – “I don’t know.”  It’s an insidious, infectious habit.  When you think the thought “I don’t know,” how does it make you feel?  Motivated?  Curious? Enthusiastic?  Unlikely.  More like, defeated and disappointed.  These feelings prompt what actions?  Distraction, quitting/giving up, resignation.  Creating the results that you don’t know confirming your original thought.  

How many times a day does this toxic “I don’t know” default pop into your head.  “I don’t know” was probably your answer.  Sneaky habit! 

But add the word ‘yet’ – “I don’t know, yet” – and WOMP!  Completely altered concept.  Instead of packing up your belongings and retreating sheepishly, you open up your thoughts, access your intuition, and you peak into the attic of your wisdom.  WOMP! WOMP! WOMP! 

YET – one little three letter word – massive impact.

I first came across this concept when reading Mindset, the new psychology of success, by Carol Dweck.   Adding the word yet, changes your thinking from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset.  “I don’t know” is a fixed mindset.  “I don’t know, yet” is a growth mindset. That shift can have a profound impact on your life.

Your mindset – is just a choice!  It is a thought.  And thoughts are optional. 

A fixed mindset is a belief you hold about yourself – that you believe you cannot change, some things are just fixed.  I suck at math.  I’ve always been anxious. I’m not creative.

A growth mindset reframes that self-limiting belief.  You can change your beliefs about yourself.  You can learn to be good at math.  You can choose to learn to be mindful rather than stress and anxious by default.   

Again, I repeat – your thoughts are optional.  You can choose your thoughts.  You can believe whatever you want. 

Turn “I don’t know” into “I don’t know, yet.”  Or even better, “I am figuring it out.” 

You will be surprised how much insight and wisdom you have hidden away!  I can almost guarantee it.

Buff it up my friends.
Dr Karen

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