The Three am Epiphany

The three am epiphany is an unexpected “Aha moment” in the middle of the night.     Have you ever been struggling to solve some problem or perhaps make a decision – looking at it from different angles, bouncing ideas around with colleagues, writing pro/con lists – unable to reach a satisfactory conclusion?  Then ‘POOF!’ The answer pops into your mind in the wee hours of the morning.  Three am epiphany.

That three am epiphany is your brilliant brain at work.  It has been revisiting, shuffling, searching, sorting and percolating through past experiences, memories, adventures and close encounters…. Ponder, ponder, ponder…. BAM!  There it is.  “Huh?  Why didn’t I think of this earlier?”

How many times have you thought “Oh, nice idea!” at three am then settled back into the pillow, unable to articulate the details in the morning.  So many great ideas are born and lost in dream mist as we shift from REM to non-REM sleep and back again.  It’s almost as if our brain is teasing us.  I now try to capture those misty ideas, however incoherently, I scribble it into a journal, (if I can) before I drift back to sleep.

Our brain simply loves to answer questions and problem solve.  It is always looking for solutions.  Always.  Annoyingly, we tend to frame the questions we ask ourselves with a negative twist.  “Why can’t I lose weight?” “Why do I hate exercise?”  

Let’s take advantage of this beautiful feature of our brain.  Time to upgrade the questions we ask ourselves. 

Ask your brain high-quality, empowering questions. It will come up with an answer to negative or empowering questions – it doesn’t care – it just loves to answer questions.  But the latter answers are so much more helpful when we are trying to build a vibrant and meaningful life. 

Instead of “Why can’t I lose weight?” ask “How can I lose weight permanently and not feel deprived?” Or instead of “Why do I hate exercise?” ask “How can I exercise consistently and have fun at the same time?”  Your brain will generate so much more helpful answers.

The same approach goes for your thoughts.  Replace those random, negative (usually self-directed) thoughts with an intentional empowering thought designed to build a vibrant and meaningful life.  Remember you get to choose your thoughts.  Choose wisely!

Try it out.  You have nothing to lose.

Ask yourself empowering questions. 

            “What do I love about myself?”

            “How can I be extraordinary?”

            “How can I listen more attentively to the people I love?”

Tell yourself empowering thoughts intentionally designed to help you create a vibrant and meaningful life.

            “I am enough.”

            “There is no such thing as failure, it’s all feedback.”

            “I will lose weight permanently.”

Take advantage of your brain and the beauty of the three am epiphany!  Capture the dream mist.

Buff it up my friends!

Coach Karen