Mentor yourself from your future.

Mentor yourself from your future.  Incredibly powerful concept. 

You are where you are today because of the thoughts and choices you made in your past.  If you are not happy with the results you are getting in your life, you need to change your thoughts. 

Try this thought experiment. 

Consider your past self – say 5 years ago.  Recall your life activities and circumstances.  What thoughts, feelings and actions were you taking then to create your current results?  How did you spend your time?  Where did you live?  Where did you work? Were you married, raising kids, struggling to balance too many critical variables?  What dreams were you having? 

If your current self could sit down and have a coffee-chit-chat with your past self, what advice, encouragement and support would you offer?  If you knew then, what you know now, how could that have impacted your present?   Maybe you would have taken more risks.  Maybe you would have spent more time with friends and family.  Maybe you would pass on the self-doubt?

Though we cannot undo the past, we can turn this idea around.

Tap into your imagination and picture your future successful self, 5 years from now.  Where do you live?  Where do you work?  What do you think about? How do you feel?  How do you spend your time?  Who is beside you through your life’s adventure?  How fit are you?  What is your way of eating?  Be as specific as possible – dare to dream in technicolor, 3D and surround sound.

With that vision in mind, have a coffee-chit-chat with your future self.  Ask your future self, what your current self needs to think, feel and do to create those successful results.  What encouragement, advice and support would your future self-recommend?  What would it be like to receive a letter from your future self? 

Imagine yourself at your ideal weight.  Food no longer has control over you.  You no longer perpetually think about food or obsess about macros.  You have adopted a way of eating that enhances your dream lifestyle.  You weigh yourself every day and it does not dictate your mood.  You attend family gatherings and create memories.  Instead of thinking about food, what do you think about?

Such a fantastic thought experiment!  Mentor yourself from your future.

Thoughts experiments are great, but not so easily shifted into reality.  Your brain makes decisions – safe and secure decisions, with predictable, known results – based on past experiences.  The Familiar safe/secure – Change lethal mentality.  It readily recycles thoughts and repeats actions from your past.  And predictably, you get the same results. 

It is much more challenging (but infinitely more interesting/intriguing) to create a vibrant and meaningful future from your imagination.  But so worth the challenge!

Ultimately your thoughts create your results.  And you get to choose your thoughts.  Imagine your future successful thoughts and adopt them as reality.  What decisions would your future successful self make for your current decisions?   Include possible obstacles, failures and fears you may need to face.  You do not have to know how you might overcome these obstacles and fears, just that you conquered them.  You will figure it out as you grow into your future dream-self.

Use your imagination to live from (and grow into) your potential possibilities, not your predictable past. 

Your future is yours to create.  Embrace your adventure. Adopt thoughts, feelings and actions from your future to create your future. 

Visualize your future self.  She is you, confident and vibrant, just further along the path at your feet just without any self-doubt.  She is the you, you can become. 

You can, mentor yourself from your future. Powerful concept.

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Dr Karen

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